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Pitch Documents
A point you must take on board is that people, these days, have a very short attention span. The pitch is to get people on the hook. You can provide the detail later if they are interested. Have it ready - in case - so that they can see that you are not as deep as a bird bath !. When it comes to reaching out to potential Investors and Distributors there are a few things you should be aware of: (1) Finding the Decision-maker - not always as simple as it sounds. What are the issues that are going to 'sway' the Decision-maker ? (2) Getting your message across - you know what a wonderful 'thing' you have but getting someone else to the position where they are fully aware of its potential is quite another thing altogether. Here you have to 'transfer' all the unique selling points across into their skull. If only they knew !! - Well they don't !! - face it (3) Decision makers very short Attention Span Fact of life - face it ! Every day this attention span gets shorter - people are bombarded from every direction with information. Decision-makers will rarely read much text - unless they absolutely have to. This is why we focus on graphics and photos. It avoids text and gets a far greater quantity of data into peoples heads, in a very short space of time. Within about 12 pages or less we want to tell the whole story. We will get this into someone else's head in less than 5 minutes. You will find that the process of generating this will 'drag' out a lot of information that you may have taken for granted, put it is a simpler form, and 'focus' it to get the best sort of outcomes required. The process may also highlight issues that need to be resolved. Note :- the contents here can also be used in Brochures and Web sites.
Pitch Documents - Electronic There are two forms here :- (a) An Adobe Reader (Acrobat) form that can be emailed. (b) A PowerPoint form, with the music, animation etc. This is a very effective selling tool ! Why ? Well - we play a lot of tricks to get the file size small so that it is readily emailable. You can, for example, mass mail this to a big range of potentially interested investors or distributors in the US, or elsewhere. When they receive it they click on the attachment, it opens up, but very importantly........ it fills the entire screen ..... no menus no distractions. Movement and sound capture command attention ... no mouse clicks to move forward. The viewers interest is 'captured' for the full presentation of a few minutes. With very careful attention to the content a lot of key information can be transferred to the viewer's brain. At the end of this the viewer is presented with 'push button' options to go direct to your web site (if you have one) or pull up a pre-addressed email form to give an immediate reply. We can also produce a video or flash version of this for web sites, or a DVD version for TV / trade shows. Pitch Documents - Printed These are laser colour printed and bound documents that :- Give an impressive image to your concern. Logos can be generated as an option. The aim is to present you and your product in the most professional light possible. (even if you operate out of a 'phone box') in order that you can be taken seriously by the 'Decision-Makers' - the potential investors out there. If you are an inventor or product developer we can help you with your project.
Do you want the key to the door ? or ....... Do you want to fiddle around to find it ? Its called the trial and error method ! We can get you there fast. Contact us !
Get the drift ? This is a document to get the deal over the 'line'. You don't want a long winded affair It can extend into a business plan... - but not the "Gone with the Wind" version !
There you have it ! You need an investor ? You want to sell your product or service ? You want to sell your company ? You want to interest investors in a new product ? You want an investor to buy into your company ? You want your bank manager to loan you money ? You want to interest a Distributor ?
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