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Packaging Design
Packaging Design is an important issue - to get your product to the customer safely and inform them how to use it effectively - get your Unique Selling Proposition across, so that they will have a great experience and spread the good word to others. We specialise in innovative designs in plastic, cardboard, foam and other materials. We operate from Adelaide, South Australia. Where you are is not critical. If you are an inventor or developer we can help you with your project.
For Retail products great care and attention needs to be applied to get the best possible pack. If the product is hanging on a hook in a store - people are going to devote a millisecond's worth of attention to it as they walk by - if it does not 'grab' them then you have a problem.
A pack that gets the product to the customer undamaged. How is the product going to be used by the customer ? Can the pack design help this process ? Industrial packaging can benefit from the ‘retail pack’ attitude. Far too often industrial packs are overlooked as an opportunity to ‘stand out’ - sell the brand’. Usually poorly presented to their detriment.
If export is intended, space occupation is carefully considered. How many can you fit in a container ? We have been had cases where we have come up with a pack design that is cheaper, more effective, and we could fit twice as many in a container ! .....makes a big difference to the freight cost. We set up the concept and general detail and see if we can get any further refinements from packaging suppliers. We can make prototypes ready for die cutters or vacuum formers. Next stage is the pack graphics / instructions. We can organise local or overseas manufacture.
Our packs are different - so they stand out. They are loaded with key selling information. We frequently print both sides of the board to include the usage instructions for the customer. The goal is to be sure the customer has a great experience, not a stressful journey to figure out how to get the most out of the product.
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Graham Porter Aust.  0427 161 603Int.+61 427 161 603