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Sales Brochures are an essential tool. You're not going to get far without them. They need contain a minimum amount of text and a maximum of photos and graphics to get the message across fast. People don't read much text these days ! We usually get the ball rolling with a computer printed brochure, rather than do a big run of 4 colour process glossies, which cost a lot and usually you find at the beginning you will want to make a lot of corrections and changes for unforeseen issues. NOTE:- this is a good pre-selling tool I normally print off a short run, and provide an Acrobat document - high res. for printing and a low resolution for emailing.
When the variations and refinements have settled down it is then time to go to a printer. You are then in a position to get a decent sized print run, knowing that most of the variations have been sorted out and you don't have to throw a lot away because still more changes are required. Also produce PowerPoint versions of the above with additions for sales presentations to customers/ distributors. These days the brochure can usually be a 'short affair' as the more detailed product information can be available electronically via website and discs, that can contain and almost infinite amount of information including video's.
Why you Need a Logo ? If you are a 'little' guy trying to muscle your way in - you need to be very conscious of presenting yourself in the best possible light. Today it is possible to run your office 'out-of-a-phone-box'. You do not need to have big premises, a home office is often all that is required, plus a mobile phone, computer, web site, brochure and business card. Your office is where you are. You can subcontract out manufacturing. You are now in a position to do business with the world - the known universe ! However to really make the formula work you need to look professional. This is why you need a decent business card, logo, letterhead, website, brochure etc. If you come from a country like Australia, perceived as being a small player. You need to look better than good. By comparison a similar US operation can get away with a pretty second rate 'appearance' simply because they are perceived as being 'at-the-centre-of -the-universe'.
A decent logo can create the right impression in the mind of the customer, distributor, investor, retailer etc. You need to look like a professional 'act'. Once the logo has been created it can be used on the product, the pack, your business card, your website, brochures, and your letterhead.
If your product is intended for the Retail market then the issues of packaging and presentation are paramount. If the product is hanging on a hook in a store - people are going to devote a millisecond's worth of attention to it as they walk by - if it does not 'grab' them instantly then you have a problem. For industrial products a good label can get across the right message, and also serves as a medium to list the product batch number and bar code. The label tells others where the product came from so they can potentially purchase it. If you are an inventor or product developer we can help you with your project.
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Graham Porter Aust.  0427 161 603Int.+61 427 161 603