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Business Acquisition
How did we get into this ? Well because originally clients asked us to look at other companies products and processes that had something in common with theirs. In other cases we advised companies to look at 'taking out' a competitor that had products or distribution networks that would complement their operation. We got into company searches - here and overseas to dig out what data was available (amazing these days what you can get). Detail on the people and their assets, associations etc.
What do we bring to This ? Well our speciality is products and all factors connected with them. Manufacturing them, distributing them, their design and packaging and promotion. We also are a separate organisation, so we can keep the client's interest isolated form the companies being investigated, and even the client's staff if required.
Selling Your Company The reverse - a Sell job - where we put the company/product detail together in a giant 'pitch' document where you want to SELL your own company.
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