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Attracting Investors
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You have a innovative new product, or want to expand your business, but need an investor or distributor, so you can get the show on the road. You know what a great idea it is, but this is meaningless unless you can get this concept across to others. Here we show you how to get over the concept and the business plan. If you are an inventor or product developer we can help you with your project.
In 30 to 60 seconds you have to be able to get your story across ! Just imagine yourself walking into an elevator and you bump into the 'decision maker' - here is the opportunity to get your message across. What is your 'unique selling proposition' ? the special features of your product that satisfy a market need - how big is that market - why is it better than what else is out there ? Being in your head is one thing - getting it into someone else's is another issue entirely - without the 'short version' you may never have an opportunity to play the 'long version' When it comes to reaching out to potential Investors and Distributors there are a few things you should be aware of :- - not always as simple as it sounds. What are the issues that are going to 'sway' the Decision-maker ? - you know what a wonderful 'thing' you have but getting someone else to the position where they are fully aware of its potential is quite another thing altogether. Here you have to 'transfer' all the unique selling points across into their skull. If only they knew !! - Well they don't !! - face it ! Fact of life - face it ! Every day this attention span gets shorter - people are bombarded from every direction with information. Decision-makers will rarely read much text - unless forced. If you turn up with a proposition written on the 'back of a bus ticket' you are going to get the fast track - out the door ! These guys are going to want to see some sort of plan. They will want to see that you are organised ! This is why we focus on graphics and photos. It avoids text and gets a far greater quantity of data into peoples heads, in a very short space of time. Within about 12 pages or less we want to tell the whole story. We will get this into someone else's head in less than 5 minutes. You will find that the process of generating this will 'drag' out a lot of information that you may have taken for granted, put it is a simpler form, and 'focus' it to get the best sort of outcomes required. The process may also highlight issues that need to be resolved. Note :- the contents here can also be used in Brochures and Web sites. - quite commonly we would set up a website for a client which can contain all manner of information on the company or product. This is accessible from anywhere in the company or the world.
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Graham Porter Aust.  0427 161 603Int.+61 427 161 603