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I was once told by a salesman, when I was in the corporate world, that unless he (and his like) made a sale then all of us were redundant. Cheeky bugger. Tis something I came to accept. Business starts with a sale - if the product doesn't sell you're dead. Pack the product up and let's sell it to the world ! If you are an inventor or developer we can help you with your project.
Determine your Marketing Strategy ► How do you plan to reach your marketplace ? ► What is the profile of your typical customer ? Age - Sex - Interests etc - leading you to where to find them ► Have you done an effective market survey ? ► Just what motivates your potential customer to buy the product ? Have you adjusted your sales pitch to pander to this ? Acquire marketing data - competition - selling prices - distribution cost - All leading to - approx. what have we got to make it for ? . Feature benefits of competitive products. Market size ? Are the feature benefits envisaged worthwhile ? How are you going to distribute it ?
So many companies (small & large) have poor forecasting ability, which is inexcusable considering how many simple forecasting packages are available. Forecasting allows you to look at how to make the most of your plant processing assets and minimise inventory. For those with seasonal sales this becomes absolutely crucial. See details in relation to sales forecasting for manufacturing here
Be conscious of the difference between a Consumer product and an Industrial product. Issues of packaging, presentation, promotion will be quite different. You can sell your product outright to another company or do a deal for a royalty. In these cases we normally put a pitch document together for the client and give them some help in how to put an effective agreement together that will cover the situation properly. Alternatively a distributor/s can be involved. People who are focusing on the marketplace for your product, being able to add it to their existing range. This means the cost of product representation is minimised - as compared to doing it yourself where this cost has to be divided over only one product.
Exporting - once you have tested and debugged on your local market, where you have been able to keep a close eye on things, the next step it to start the export drive. Researching out potential candidates for distribution in other countries. Normally we do careful research into the type of company that would be a good candidate, sort out the details and give some guidance on the type and content of the agreements involved. Exporting can give you economies of scale and make a big difference to your price structure. A web site and a good pitch document are essentials here.
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Graham Porter Aust.  0427 161 603Int.+61 427 161 603